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Xplocial has perfected a program for people or businesses looking to receive more from their existing marketing and advertising dollar, which allows them to generate more leads, increase their sales and their referral business.

We help fill empty rooms which the hotels, cruise lines and our travel agents turn into future sales.  Contracting with the largest travel conglomerates in the travel industry today ensures quality vacations for you and your customers with No Timeshare Or Sales Presentations!  You and your customers will receive everything promised on their Vacation Certificate.

Give away Exciting All-Inclusive Vacation Getaway Packages, Luxury Cruise Packages and $25 and $300 Restaurant Gift Incentives To Your Customers And Increase Your Response Rates To Your Existing Advertisements. Your business can giveaway as many vacation incentives as you want without having to worry about cost.

Why give away promotional pens and magnets when you can give away high-perceived value to your customers that they will always remember! We are not like other companies that will charge you a per certificate fee. Your Membership entitles you to an UNLIMITED number printed or emailed certificate incentives.

Thanks to the Internet and the delivery method that Xplocial has pioneered, we have made it affordable for any business looking to enhance their marketing efforts with top quality incentives. Get a step up on your competition today!

With Your Xplocial Membership, You Can Print Or Email An Unlimited Number Of Certificate Incentives For Personal Use Or To Help Any Business You Own To Generate More Leads, Boost Sales And Increase Referral Business!

Businesses who use certificate incentives in their marketing & promotions see at least a 30% increase in sales. Give them as a referral gift, gift with purchase, gift for responding to a direct mail offer, among many other ways. Examples: "Visit our website" or "Come to our exhibitor booth" or "Spend $75 in our store" and you'll receive a 3 Day, 2 Night Vacation Certificate.

Use the certificates in all your promotions that include online, telemarketing, single copy inserts, in paper, retention department and direct mail offers for both new and previous customers. Simply incorporate our promotional certificates into your regularly scheduled marketing or advertising program and easily make your campaign unique.

The perceived value of the certificates influences an amazing response from recipients. Also use the certificates to generate referrals from your network of business colleagues. Think about how much more your company could make if you could generate 30 percent more business.